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See what’s new on the US model railroad scene with images, details and links for the latest releases in all scales and gauges in the US.

There’s everything from very narrow gauge right through to the latest mainline diesels to hit the market.

27 Dec 2018

The next HO Scale diesel from Rapido
Rapido have announced that the next HO Scale diesel to hit their catalogue will be EMD’s SW1200. It will be available in DCC (with or without sound) and DC versions.

Of course just about every model railway manufacturer has produced a model of the SW1200 but Rapido say that their model is different.

Over the years EMD moved from Type A to Flexicoil trucks and made numerous changes to the basic design to meet the requirements of individual buyers and the Rapido models will reflect these differences.

Among those changes that will be available on the Rapido models are:
• Different fuel tanks
• Unique spark arrestors
• MU cables
• Folding end-platform drop steps and
• Different lighting options depending on the road name

And speaking of road names … the list is impressive. I won’t list them all here, but you can see the full list along with more details and an order form if you follow this link to the Rapido website.

The next HO Scale loco from Rapido will be the SW1200

27 Dec 2018

The next HO Scale steam loco from Rapido
Rapido have announced that the next HO Scale steam loco to hit their catalogue will be the Canadian Pacific D10 class 4-6-0.

The first D10 rolled out of the erecting shops in 1905 and, by the end of production in 1913, over 500 had been built. Some of those locos lasted right up to the end of steam on the Canadian Pacific in 1961.

Of course, with a lifespan like that, many variations appeared over the years including:
• headlight positions,
• fuel types,
• placement of number boards,
• the shape of walkways,
• the style of power-reverser
• different steam pipes and
• the location of the bell

Many of those variations will be incorporated into the model.

Over the years members of the class also appeared in different paint schemes and the Rapido D10 will be available in some of those schemes.

Click here for more information and an order form on the Rapido website.

The next HO Scale steam loco from Rapido will be the Canadian D10

23 Dec 2018

Production Samples of Athearn’s HO SD40 in SP colours are coming
The model will be available in the as-delivered version as well as later versions with ACI plates and the SP on the nose.

The Athearn website is still showing a February delivery for the production models … and there are more than just the Southern Pacific versions. To see the full range just follow this link to the Athearn website.

Production samples of Athearn's SD40 in SP colours

12 Dec 2018
N Scale FA-1 /FB-1

Atlas has announced the 2019 release of an FA-1 / FB-1 in their N Scale Master range.

The loco will be available in standard DC as well as DCC and Sound.

Each A and B model will come in a choice of three road numbers and roadnames include:#

  • Erie Lackawanna
  • Gulf Mobile & Ohio
  • Lehigh & New England
  • Lehigh Valley
  • New York Central and #
  • Pennsylvania

There will also be 1 undecorated A and 1 undecorated B unit available

The exact release date has not been announced but pre-orders close on January 16

More information and a pre-order form can be found here on the Atlas website.

In 2019 Atlas will be releasing an FA/FB in their N Scale Master range

28 Nov 2018

A salvage flat car in N Scale
Did you know that Redstreak Specialized Railcar Services has a fleet of 89′ flat cars that feature adjustable bolster pedestals and a range of specialized retainment devices for transporting damaged railcars?

These specialized cars are leased to railroads across the US so they could turn up just about anywhere … and now they can turn up on your N Scale layout thanks to MTL.

The model is available in two versions. One option is transporting a salvaged tank car while the other is transporting a damaged boxcar.

You can find more information here and both versions of this model should be in hobby shops right now.

A salvage flat car in N Scale from MTL

23 Nov 2018
HO 55′ modified Trinity 30,145 Gallon Tank Car
Walthers has announced a limited run of the modified 55′ Trinity tank car.

This model will feature:

  • Photo-etched metal end shields
  • See-through etched-metal walkways and end platforms
  • Authentic load placards
  • Factory installed grab irons
  • Hightly detailed underbody with separate brake cyclinder, brake pipes and rigging
  • and much more

The model is expected to be released on Nov 28 and you can find more details and reserve yours here.

HO 55' modified Trinity tank car from Walthers

23 Nov 2018

Going back in time in N Scale
While most N Scalers seem to concentrate on the diesel or steam / diesel eras MTL are giving us the chance to go back to the Civil War with a set of 3 box cars and one flat car that are set for release in April next year.

MTL is accepting pre-orders on this set till the end of November and you will find more details here.

Civil War freight cars in N Scale from MTL

23 Nov 2018

Genesee & Wyoming SW1500 in N Scale
Also available now from MTL is this semi-decorated Genesee & Wyoming SW1500.

The loco comes painted but without road numbers and logos. Those details are included on a decal sheet that comes packed with each loco.

It’s an interesting way of giving modellers more options … and maybe encouraging us to buy more than just one loco.

Genesee and Wyoming SW1500 in N Scale from MTL

23 Nov 2018

N Scale weathered boxcar from MTL
If you love seeing weathered rolling stock on your layout but don’t have the skills then the latest boxcar from MTL could have you reaching for your wallet.

This weathered CSX ex Railbox boxcar is in stores now at a very affordable price.

N Scale weathered boxcar from MTL

17 Nov 2018

Exclusive Canada VIA F40PH-2D Loco in HO
To celebrate VIA’s 40th birthday Rapido Trains Inc. and VIA Rail Canada have announced 3 all-new and exclusive HO scale F40PH-2D models.

There are two different locos in the VIA 40 paint scheme and one in the Canada 150 paint scheme.

Only 150 of each model have been released and once they are gone they are gone for good.

The models are available right now and you will find an order form and more information here.

Exclusive Canada VIA F40PH-2D Loco in HO from Rapido Trains Inc

11 Nov 2018

PS4427 Covered Hopper in N Scale from Athearn
The latest N Scale release from Athearn is the PS 4427 covered hopper.

Just when you think that every PS 4427 covered hopper has been covered Athearn have come up with 8 previously unreleased road name/number/paint scheme combinations.

The road names covered in this release are:

Wisconsin Central







Harmon Grain

Each hopper comes with 3 different numbers and each hopper is available individually or as part of a 3-pack.

You will find more information about the models here on the Athearn website.

PS4427 Covered Hopper in N Scale from Athearn

11 Nov 2018
Southern Pacific SD9 in N Scale
Bachmann Trains have released a DCC and sound-equipped model of  the EMD SD9.

The prototype was popular with a variety of railroads and the model is set to be just as popular with hobbyists.

The factory-set sound features 5 prime movers, 16 airhorns, 7 bell types, 2 air compressors and much more.

You will find more details on the Bachmann online shop.

Southern Pacific SD9 in N Scale

11 Nov 2018

Dash 8-40CM in N Scale
Rapido Trains Inc. have announced that they expect to deliver an N Scale model of the GE Dash 8-40CM loco in mid 2019.

The loco will be available in 5 CN versions, 2 BCRail versions and … if enough people pre-order it … 1 Quebec North Shore & Labrador version.

Details on the models will be roadname-specific and all models will feature a high-level of underbody detail.

For further details and to pre-order head over to this page on the Rapido website.

Dash 8-40CM in N Scale from Rapido

10 Nov 2018

Penn Central Heavyweights in N Scale
This neat 5-pack of Penn Central heavyweights from Micro-Trains Line should be appearing in your favorite hobby shop about now.

The pack features 4 individually numbered coaches and a baggage car and comes at a suggested price of $124.95

Penn Central heavyweights in N Scale from MTL

8 Nov 2018

New N Scale Locos from Atlas
Atlas have announced the upcoming release of an N Scale model of the GP20 in a range of roadnames.

The roadnames available are:

GM Demonstrator

Burlington Northern


Santa Fe

Southern Pacific and

Union Pacific

Each roadname has several different numbers and each model is available with or without DCC.

Head over to this page on the Atlas website for a full list of the features and road numbers and to pre-order.

New N Scale GP20 from Atlas - it's coming in a range of roadnames
EMD Demonstator GP20 N Scale DB Master


8 Nov 2018

Wheat and Potash Hoppers
Walthers have announced a limited run release of 59′ National Steel 4550 cubic foot cylindrical hopper

These hoppers are seen across the US and Canada hauling frain and potash and they have been out there doing their thing since 1972.

This model will be available in a range of roadnames including:

Canadian Wheat Bord
Canadian National
Canadian Pacific
Chicago & North Western and
Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan

There will be four different numbers for each roadname and loading hatches will also be specific for the roadname

These neat hoppers should be available around the end of November.

wheat and potash hoppers from Walthers

8 Nov 2018

HO SD40 with DCC and Sound from Athearn
Back in January Athearn announced that they were working on a new RTR SD40 with DCC and sound and now they are about to be released around the end of November.

Road names will be SP, NS, Sou, CSX and PRR.

The models feature an extensive range of features plus quite a few extras that are specific to the road name and one of them will be this SP SD40R that wore the special Daylight livery.

To see all the features that on these great models head over to this page on the Athearn website.

HO SD40 with DCC and Sound from Athearn

30 Oct 2018

They’re BIG and they pack some punch
If you’re into N Scale and you like to run big American trains then the next release from Micro Trains Line is definitely going to interest you.

November 19 is the date that Micro Trains will be releasing a 3-pack of Department of Defence 6-axle, 68′ flatcars each loaded with 2 Abrams tanks.

You can pre-order yours over on the Walthers website.

Department of Defence 6-axle, 68′ flatcars each loaded with 2 Abrams tanks from MTL