Model Trains 'n Things

Are model trains or model railways your hobby of choice?

Then Model Trains and Things is the right place for you if you’re looking for links to hobby shops in Australia, England and the United States where you can get what you need.

Links to hobby shops and model manufacturers in all scales and gauges

You will also find links to the makers of locomotives, rollingstock, buildings and detail parts in all scales and gauges.

And Model Trains and Things doesn’t just focus on the big brand names. We link to everyone from the brands we all know right down to cottage manufacturers that you may not have heard of.

Links to the biggest and the smallest model railway manufacturers

Of course, that means that some links won’t point to websites because not every cottage manufacturer has a website but many of them do have a Facebook page and we will link to those when we find them.

The information that you will find on the modelling pages is not static. Model Trains and Things is a dynamic website that is being curated on an almost daily basis so expect the list of links on these pages to grow over time.

Links to websites that actually exist

All the links here are hand-curated. That means that a real person has checked them before they have been published and every link we publish is checked regularly to make sure that it still works.

Australian prototype information

Model Trains and Things is more than just a glorified link list. It’s also a place for the prototype research that our team undertakes and we make no apologies for that research clearly being focused on Australia.

Australia is our home and Australian prototype is what we know, and in the days of steam, it was an interesting amalgam of English and US engineering so, even if you’re not from Australia, have a wander through the prototype information pages, we’re sure that you’ll find lots to interest you.

This website has been built with you, the modeller, in mind so find what you’re looking for and tell your friends about us too.