Australian Model Train Links

The Australian model train scene has certainly come a long way in the 40 plus years that I’ve been interested in the hobby. I’ve seen it go from almost zero Australian models through to the point we’re at today where cottage industries and serious manufacturers are combining to bring the Australian modeller a wide variety of models from mainline locomotives right through to the smallest scenic details.

And somewhere along the way there has been a semantic shift too. In the beginning we talked of Australian model railways but these days the talk … and the search … is all about Australian model trains.

Not only has the Australian model train hobby, and the associated industry, come a long way but along the way hobby has embraced the Internet and is using it to take the whole of the hobby right into the homes of individual hobbyists.

So as the Australian model train hobby moves forward perhaps it’s time for it to have it’s own link list so that modellers can easily find not only the big manufacturers’ websites but the cottage manufacturers’ websites too. And to that end we present Australian Model Train Links.

Australian Model Train Links is a place where you will find links to the websites of Australian hobby shops, large and small model train manufacturers here in Australia and places where you can buy books and magazines to help you develop your skills in the great hobby of model trains.

N Scale Links

HO Scale Links

O Scale Links

Electrics and Electronics

Magazines and Books

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