Why Aren’t You Weathering Your Signals

I can remember a time when weathering your models just meant leaving them out so that dust accumulated on them but these days weathering has become an important part of the model railway scene. There are plenty of how-to articles in the model railway press on how to model your locos and rolling stock and, … Read more

More Lineside Detail

Way back in the late 1970s Model Railroader published an article by Earl Smallshaw. It was Earl’s view that the front of a building wasn’t half as interesting as the back of a building … especially when it came to the tenaments found in major US cities .. and that idea has always stuck in … Read more

Railway Sheds

Long before recycling became fashionable … and a necessity … the various state railways around Australia were into recycling in a big way. Of course they weren’t thinking of recycling … they were just making sensible use of equipment that still had some life left in it. For example when an open wagon was surplus … Read more

Modelling Grain Storage

These days there are some great individual kits available if your modelling grain storage facilities but if you live in the city it can be hard to know just how all these kits can fit together. A couple of weeks ago my partner and I headed west … a long way west … and I … Read more

A Different Bridge

As I said in my last post, you see some interesting things on country backroads and this bridge is definitely interesting. It’s certainly not a rail bridge but if you have a difficult spot where you want a road on your layout to cross a river this bridge might be what you’re looking for. And … Read more

A Different Billboard for Your Layout

It’s always interesting to take a drive down some of the backroads that follow country railway lines. There’s always something different to see and possibly model. Here’s one modelling possibility we came across on the backroad between Maryborough West and Tiaro and if you happen to like old trucks but you’re modelling a more modern … Read more

Farm Shed Weathering

Need some suggestions on how to weather farm sheds on your model railroad? A couple of weeks ago Toni and I had to make a road trip from Hervey Bay in Queensland down to Taree in NSW … and when we’re on a long trip whoever is in the passenger seat usually has the camera … Read more

Lineside Details

I found this photo when I was digging around in some old albums the other day. It was taken during the 1980s … probably sometime after 1985 and before March 1988 … and it was taken from the west end of the main platform at Bathurst. It’s really a nothing shot and I’m not quite … Read more