Something to Model

It’s about 3pm on a Saturday afternoon and we’re in Ipswich looking down on part of a stabling point for the western arm of the Brisbane suburban network. You’ll notice that the yard here is long and narrow with part of the old town on one side and the double-track mainline to Toowoomba and points … Read more

Coal Trains in Queensland

When you think of coal trains in Queensland it’s almost guaranteed that you’re going to be thinking of high-horsepower locos … distributed power … and long trains of high-capacity hoppers snaking through central Queensland heading for the ports of Gladstone or Mackay. And that’s pretty much the way it is … in central Queensland. But … Read more

Railway Action in Townsville

It’s easy to think that the major centre for railway action in Queensland would have to be Brisbane but if you take the suburban trains out of the mix then you may just find that Gladstone or Townsville had more trains on the move than you might see anywhere else. Here’s one small sampling from … Read more

The Greenvale Line

Sadly just about every state in Australia is littered with abandoned railway lines; most of them built at least 100 years ago and at a time when it was more important to provide a service than return a large profit. The abandoned line that runs northwest from Townsville to the town of Greenvale is definitely … Read more


Owanyilla is located between Gympie and Maryborough on the single-track rail line that runs up the Queensland coast from Brisbane to Cairns. It was a fairly unremarkable place – I don’t even recall seeing a locality sign on the highway that runs to the east of the railway line – until a wood chipping plant … Read more

Repairing Flood Damage

Earlier this year Queensland was overwhelmed with flooding and in many places railway lines were ripped up and washed away and some of the worst damage occurred on the eastern side of the Toowoomba Range. Tracks were washed away, bridges were damaged and in some places there was almost nothing left. One of the worst … Read more

Mungar 2011

Mungar … now there’s a name that doesn’t quite roll off your tongue. It’s not even a very attractive sounding name and, unless you’re a Queenslander by birth or by choice, you’ve probably never even heard of it before. Today it’s just a little village on the back road from Maryborough to Tiaro but there … Read more

New QR National Paint Scheme

It seems that QR National has a new paint scheme. It may not be the most inspiring paint scheme you have ever seen on a locomotive but someone at QR National’s headquarters must have loved it. Here you can see it on two brand new 41 class sitting in Maryborough West yard on January 16 … Read more