Another Queensland Railways Branchline Closed

June 30 this year saw the official closure of a number of Queensland branch lines including the Theebine – Kingaroy line and the Colton – Takura line.

While some of the branches that were closed on that day had seen traffic in recent years and were still in reasonable condition it’s been quite a few years since the line from Colton to Takura – the line that originally ran through to Hervey Bay – has seen a train and it shows.

On 19 June this is what the terminus at Takura looked like and, while I couldn’t see any track in all that grass others did find some a few weeks later.

Further back towards Colton though no matter how hard you looked you couldn’t see any track. This is the scene looking west at the Churchill Mine Road level crossing. Yes, that is a large tree growing right in the middle of the where the track should be.

You can find the report and more photos from one intrepid explorer who recently surveyed the Colton – Takura Branch here