A Tour Behind a 55 Class

An interesting thread over on Railpage.com.au about a tour back in 1973 behind 3203 and 3830 – a tour that I was on – has moved on to begin talking about a tour down the south coast behind 5593. There’s a good photo of 5593 and it’s unusual southern valve gear included in that thread.

That’s not a tour that I went on but I did get to travel down to Kiama on another tour with 5597. I’m not sure of the date but it had to have been around 1966 or 1967. As far as I remember the camera I took with me that day was my fathers old Kodak camera complete with bellows. It might have been an old camera but it still produced decent photos even if the photographer couldn’t,

Here’s 5597 at Sydney Terminal awaiting departure time:


And I took this photo of the unusual valve gear fitted to the 55 class at Kiama:

These photos are among the earliest photos I ever took so out of all the photos I took that day these ones are the only ones worth showing here.