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There’s everything from buildings right through to highly-detailed locos that want to find a home in your model railway room so jump in and see what your next purchase will be.

21 April 2019

CR / ANR /AN rolling stock in N or HO
Comrail Models have announced four new body castings that will be of interest to anyone who models the Commonwealth Railways.

In order of appearance they are:

  • An N scale model of the GM / GMX / AOMX open wagon
  • An N scale model of the HRE / AVEY/ AVEP short relay van and
  • A HO scale model of the VEX / ABEX covered van

An N scale model of the longer HRD / AVDY / AVDP relay van is also available but not pictured.

You can contact Comrail Models via their Facebook page that you will find here

An N scale model of the GM / GMX / AOMX open wagon

An N scale model of the HRE / AVEY/ AVEP short relay van

A HO scale model of the VEX / ABEX covered van

21 April 2019

Western Australian Diesels and Guards Vans
Latitude 32 Models have just announced two new diesel body castings and a guards van.

In order of appearance:

  • The WAGR D /DA Class loco body is now available in HO and N scale.
  • The Westrails S Class loco body is available in HO and
  • The WAGR WBA / WBC guards van body is available in HO.

Latitude 32 Models do not have a website but you can contact them through their Facebook page and you will find that here

3d image of the new Latitude 32 Models WAGR D / DA diesel body casting

3d image of the new Latitude 32 Models Westrails S Class diesel body casting

3d image of the new Latitude 32 Models WAGR WBA /WBC guards van casting

19 April 2019

DEB set in HO from Auscision
The latest model to go into development by Auscision is the 4-car DEB set designed and built for the NSWGR.

The DEB cars, also known as the 900 Class were similar but different to the 600/620 Class and were designed for longer express passenger workings. A total of 36 cars covering 8 different classifications (2 types of power car and 6 types of trailers were built.

Power cars
The power cars were coded PF and HPF and they consisted of 10 PF cars (full economy class) and 8 HPF cars (luggage and economy class). The PF's were numbered 901 to 910 while the HPF's were numbered 951 to 958

Trailer cars
The trailer cars were coded and numbered:

  • TB 801 to 803 – full first class
  • TBR 854 to 857 – first class with buffet
  • TC 751 to 753 – composite first class /  economy class
  • TFR 851 to 853 – economy / buffet
  • TCR 861 to 862 – composite /  buffet
  • TP 351 to 353 – parcels trailer

All the cars, with the exception of the parcels trailers, were air conditioned.

In operation
In operation these sets usually operated as 4-car sets comprising 2 power cars and 2 trailers but the services that they were used on usually left Sydney Terminal as 1 8-car set that subsequently divided into 2 individual sets to service different end points.

For example the Canberra Monaro Express left Sydney as an 8 car set that divided at Queanbeyan with one 4-car set travelling the short distance to Canberra while the other 4-car set travelled the much longer distance to Cooma.

The Northern Tablelands Express was another working for a DEB set but in this instance the service was run as 1 4-car set combined with 1 3-car set. The train divided at Werris Creek with the 4-car set travelling to Glen Innes or Tenterfield (depending on the day of the week) while the 3-car set travelled to Moree or Walgett (cut back to Narrabri) depending on the day of the week.

In later years DEB sets were used on less important services and for quite some time a 3 or 4-car DEB set was used on the morning train from either Orange or Cowra to Lithgow where a connection was made with an Interurban electric train to Sydney.

The model
Auscision will be producing a 4-car DEB set in a number of livery variations and you can click here for more information

Prototype information was sourced from personal recollections and 
Cooke, D (1984). Railmotors and XPTs. Sydney:Australian Railway Historical Society, New South Wales Division

12 April 2019

3 QR buildings in O scale
Model Train Buildings have released 3 new Queensland Railways building kits in O scale.

The laser-cut models are from the Mary Valley branch so the designs will fit in on most Queensland country lines.

The models are:

  • Imbil station building
  • Amamoor goods shed and
  • The cream shed from Amamoor

and you can find them on the Model Train Buildings website.

3 new O scale laser-but kits ofQueensland Railways buildings, a station, a goods shed and a cream shed from Model Train Buildings

10 April 2019

Lower quadrant signals for HO and 7mm scale
Signals Branch have announced the release of a NSWR 18 ft lower quadrant, 3-signal arm post, a ladder to suit the post and 3 sets of different shunting arms in 7mm scale to suit the post (HO scale arms were released some time ago).

Signals Branch also have a model of the NSWR PC Gilmore signal box coming soon.

Click here for more information about the latest releases.

18 ft lower arm signal post and ladder in HO and 7mm scale for NSWR modellers from Signal Branch

6 April 2019

BDX / NOBX / RCFX paint samples 
Auscision has received paint samples for the HO scale BDX / NOBX / RCFX open wagon.

The wagons will be available in a range of paint schemes and with doors or with doors removed.

BDX coded wagons will be available in:

  • NSWGR dark gunmetal with doors
  • NSWGR light gunmetal with doors and
  • SRA red with doors

NOBX wagons will be available in:

  • NSWGR light gunmetal with doors removed
  • PTC blue with doors
  • SRA red with doors
  • PTC blue with doors removed
  • SRA red with doors removed
  • SRA wagon grime

RCFX wagons will be available in NR / PN wagon grime

Click here for a pre-order form and Auscision is offering $40.00 off the retail price if you pre-order.

Auscision HO scale BDX open wagon in light gunmetal livery

31 Mar 2019

Big Aussie muscle in HO from Athearn
Correct me if I’m wrong but it must be like over 40 years since a major … or even a minor … overseas brand-name model manufacturer produced a reasonably accurate model of an Australian prototype loco.

Lima would have to be the last to do so with their 422 Class loco.

But now we have another in the form of Athearn who, while producing the latest model … the EMD SD90MAC-H Phase II in a variety of US liveries have included  one in the Fortescue Metals Group (FMG) livery.

FMG is an Australian iron ore company from Western Australia that just happens to be the fourth largest iron ore producer in the world and they operate a large iron ore railway in the Pilbara.

FMG purchased 4 SD90MAC-H Phase II locomotives second-hand from Union Pacific. These were 6,000hp units powered by EMD’s 265-H engine and they were repainted into FMG colours and renumbered 901 to 904 before being shipped to Australia.

They entered service with the big engine but FMG subsequently replaced the 265-H engine with a 16-710G3 engine on all 4 units and this change reduced them to 4300 horsepower.

The model
While it would be easy for Athearn simply to repaint a standard model into FMG colours they have elected to add features that are unique to the FMG units.

These features include:

  • Safety guard in the middle of the handrails
  • Pilot electrical junction boxes
  • Dual trainline air hoses
  • Modified strut replacement on the truck sideframes.
  • All four road numbers will be available

These locomotives also come with an  extensive list of standard features that is too long to include here but click this link to be taken to the Athearn website for more information.

The model is due for release in March 2020.

An image of the SD90MAC-H Phase II loco that Athearn are producing in HO in the Fortescue Metals Group livery

29 Mar 2019

Auscision 600 class tooling samples
Auscision have received tooling samples for the SAR 600 Class diesel and the model is looking good.

However, there are a number of differences between the NSWGR 45 class and the SAR 600 class and Auscision are working hard to get this model right. The factory is already working on the differences around the staff exchanger and other detail changes will be made before the 600 class goes into production.

Over the years the prototype wore a number of liveries and these will be available with several different road numbers:

  • 600 and 601 will be produced in red and silver with the Piping Shrike emblem
  • 604 and 605 will be produced in mustard pot with the Piping Shrike emblem
  • 602 and 606 will be produced in the mustard pot livery that they wore during service in NSW
  • 603 and 605 will be produced inAN Green & Yellow with a grey roof
  • 602-Y and 607-Y will be produced in AN Green and yellow with a green roof.

Click here to pre-order on the Auscision website.

Front three-quarter view of the Auscision HO model of the SAR 600 class diesel

Rear three-quarter view of the Auscision HO model of the SAR 600 class diesel


21 Mar 2019

Version 2 of the QR HJS wagon from Wuiske
Wuiske Models have announced the release of version 2 of their popular HJS wagon in both HO and HOn3½.

It may seem a little confusing but version 2 is actually the first version of the prototype as it appeared in black livery from 1950 through to the 1970s.

You can order the wagon direct from Wuiske Models and this link will take you to their website.

The second version of Wuiske Models HO model of the HJS open wagon. This version was painted black when built and lasted in that livery until the 1970a

16 Mar 2019

Two new vehicles from Wiking
April will see the release of two new HO scale vehicles from Wiking that would look good on Australian model roads from the mid-60’s right through to today.

VW T1 Flatbed
The first is the VW T1 Flatbed. This vehicle was in production from 1963 to 1967 and was often used by tradies back in that era.

Today they’re something of a collector’s item and you can see them fully-restored or occasionally decked out as a promotional vehicle.

One business owner in the town where I lived restored one and added a typical-looking farm fence around the back and covered the floor in fake grass.

E-type Jaguar
The second vehicle is an E-type Jag. This vehicle was in production from 1961 to 1967 and they are still popular with collectors … and old guys reliving their childhood dreams.

HO scale model of a VW T1 Flatbed. These vans were produced by VW from 1963 to 1967

8 Mar 2019

Almost as common as public dunnies
At one time almost every town, village and hamlet from Cooktown to Freemantle in Australia had their own Royal Hotel.

Of course it came in many varieties, single storey, two storey, small or large, classy or just some corro iron for the walls and tree trunks for the timber frame. Most customers didn’t really care what it looked like just so long as they served cold beer.

They were an Aussie icon and now you can have your own Aussie icon in N scale thanks to Model Train Buildings.

Follow this link for more details and an order form.

An N scale model of a typical 2 storey country pub from Model Train Buildings

8 Mar 2019

Tooling samples from Auscision
Auscision Models have received some tooling samples for a number of their projects including:

  • The VR Tait suburban cars – the power car is shown below
  • The VR CM parcels van and
  • The NSWGR Mk1 44 class

These samples will be on display at this weekend’s Sandown (Vic) model railway exhibition and you can find more details of the projects these models were built for by following this link for the Tait cars and this link for the 44 class.

A tooling sample for the power car from the Tait cars that Auscision is producing in HO Scale - the horrible colour bears no resemblance to what will appear on the model when it reaches production.

7 Feb 2019

A limited edition masterpiece in O scale
The Outback Model Company has just announced that they will be releasing an O scale kit of a rural store at the Narrow Gauge convention in April.

A total of only 30 kits will be produced and only 6 will be available for immediate delivery at the Convention but a look at the detail in this model will show you that, if you're one of lucky 30 who get their order in then a little wait for delivery will be worth it.

The kit does not include figures or scenery.

6 Feb 2019

QR HJS open wagon in HO scale
Wuiske Models has just announced the release of their latest kit … a QR HJS open wagon in HO scale.

The new kit features injection molded parts and the guys at Wuiske say that a complete novice can assemble this kit in under 15 minutes.

This kit comes complete with brake rigging and all you will need to complete it is paint and couplers.

It's available in HOn3.5 and standard HO gauge.

To order click here for the narrow gauge version or click here for the standard gauge version.

The new easy to assemble injection molded kit of a QR HJS open wagon from Wuiske Models

5 Feb 2019

Paterson Station Master's house in HO
The next model to pop out of Stuart Walker's Model Train Buildings workshop will be this laser-cut timber model of the Station Master's residence at Paterson on the NSW north coast.

The kits will be available soon and you can order your kit from Stuart at any of the exhibitions he attends or direct from his website that you will find by clicking  on the link above.

The front view of the HO scale model of Paterson Station Masters house that will be released soon by Model Train Buildings

The view of the HO scale model of Paterson Station Masters house that will be released soon by Model Train Buildingsside

The rear view of the HO scale model of Paterson Station Masters house that will be released soon by Model Train Buildings

3 Feb 2019

Auscision NRs in HO scale
No, this is not a production run paint scheme, this is a tooling sample of the new Ausicion Models NR Class ocos that are due to arrive later this year.

If you look closely you may see a few errors and that's fine, tooling samples are produced so that errors can be spotted and corrected before the model goes into production.

The features on the production model includes:

  • A red LED fuel gauge light on the side of the tank
  • Brass horns
  • Detailed cam interior with painted crew
  • Early and late body versions
  • See-through metal etched rear steps and walkway
  • Metal etched side and roof grilles and more

The models will be available in DC and DCC Sound and the sound-equipped models will come with the new ESU V5 sound decoder and will be available in 15 different liveries.

Click here for more details, a colour chart and to pre-order

Driver's side view of the tooling sample for Auscision's new HO scale NR locomotive

Observer's side view of the tooling sample for Auscision's new HO scale NR locomotive

3 Feb 2019

NSW Pay Bus in HO
Auscision have announced that their HO scale model of the 2nd type of NSW Pay Bus has now arrived in Australia.

DC pre-orders have been posted while DCC Sound pre-orders will be posted next week.

If you missed out on pre-ordering one of these unique vehicles then you can still get a DC version direct from Auscision or from Australian Modeller but don't delay, there are only a very small number left.

Click here for more details and to order direct from Auscision

The Auscision HO scale model of the second type of NSW Pay Bus

26 Jan 2019

QSC Tautliners in HO
Wuiske Models have just received a delivery of another run of their QSC Tautliner wagons in HO scale.

These wagons come in either the QR Freigthtrain EasiLiner yellow livery or the QR Q-Link grey and red livery.

Earlier runs of these models used decals on the placard boards but the latest runs have printed boards.

You can order these cars online from Wuiske Models by following this link.

24 Jan 2019

Indigenous artwork on a HO scale loco?
SDS Models have received colour samples of their Indigenous liveried NR locos for the Artist's approval.

SDS already know that there are some minor changes that will need to be made but it won't be long before they go into production and some shops are already taking orders for them.

There is no doubt that these unique locos will be popular and I wouldn't be surprised to see a number of these locos go to overseas collectors because there has never been anything quite like them before.

You can see some of the fine detail work in the second photo below.

The 2 colour sample models of the Indigenous artwork NR models from SDS Models

detail samples of some of the Indigenous artwork on the new NR models from SDS Models

21 Dec 2018

Full and half-relief Aussie suburban houses in HO and N
Need some Aussie houses on your layout but just don’t have enough room?

Meerkat Models have the answer for you … a variety of typical Australian dwellings in full and half-relief versions in both N and HO.

They’re also producing more than just houses so to see the range head over to this page on the Meerkat Models website.

Full and half-relief Aussie suburban houses in HO and N scales

Full and half-relief Aussie suburban houses in HO and N scales

Full and half-relief Aussie suburban houses in HO and N scales

21 Dec 2018

Something new coming soon from SDS Models
An SAR 800 Class in HO has appeared on the ‘Coming Soon’ page of the SDS models website.

There’s not much in the way of information there but the image does show the loco in 4 different liveries including the green and yellow livery that was applied to at least some of the 800 Class when they passed into ANR ownership.

You can see some other interesting models listed here on the SDS ‘Coming Soon’ page.

South Australian Railways 800 Class Diesel shunter in HO from SDS Models

17 Dec 2018

A rerun of the Auscision HO Scale B Class
Auscision has announced that they will be producing a small number of HO Scale Victorian B Class locos in 2019.

This is more than just a re-run of the previous model although 7 of the popular numbers from the last run will be included along with 13 new numbers and five new liveries.

And this is more than just a re-run because it comes with the option of factory fitted ESU DCC LokSound with Auscision’s all new Vandersound speaker enclosure with twin speakers that produces a much deeper and clearer sound.

You will find more information along with an order form here … and if you’re thinking of buying one or two don’t delay because only 50 of each number will be produced.

Auscision is set to release a re-run of their B Class diesel in HO

29 Nov 2018

A VR station in 1/48
Cockatoo is a town located in Victoria along the Puffing Billy tourist railway. It has it’s own railway station and now Model Train Buildings has produced a laser-cut kit of the station in O (1/48) Scale.

The kit comes complete with main station building, lamp room and both north and south platforms so it’s quite a substantial model … the main building is 803mm long and the main platform is longer.

You can see more about the kit here and there’s a link to the order from too.

1/48 O Scale kit for VR's Cockatoo staion on the Puffing Billy line

29 Nov 2018

Coal Road Brake Vans
Phoenix Reproductions has announced that their CHG and similar private owner brake vans should leave Hong Kong in the next few days be available for sale in the week before Christmas.

I’m not sure if Phoenix has announced just how these will be sold but the prototype was produced in large numbers so I expect that the model will come packaged in multiple units.

Phoenix Reproductions has released a model of the NSWGR 4-wheel CHG brake van in HO along with a number of variants

27 Nov 2018

Auscision’s VR Tait cars are coming
Auscision has been working on the HO model of the Victorian Railways Tait suburban cars for some years.

If you’ve been patiently waiting all that time then your wait is almost over for Auscision has announted that tooling has started and they expect to have their first running samples early next year.

The final models are not expected until late 2019 or early 2020.

The version that will be offered are the sets with the sliding doors and blanked-out windows and the CM Parcels Vans will also be offered.

Auscision warns that production numbers will be limited so you need to get your orders in now.

You can find more details and an order form here.

Some of the VR Tait cars currently being produced by AuscisionSome of the VR Tait cars currently being produced by Auscision

27 Nov 2018

Take a peek under the bonnet
Everyone likes to see what’s hiding under the bonnet and now On Track Models have given us a chance to take a look at some of the new tooling that has gone into their latest version o,f the 82 Class.

There are some new detail parts as well as a new speaker enclosure and you’ll see them in this photo.

For more details and some more cut-away shots head over to this page on the On Track Models website.

See what's hiding under the bonnet in On Track Models new release of the 82 Class in HO

27 Nov 2018

Trainorama announces a re-run of it’s HO scale 49 Class diesel
If you missed out on the first run of Trainorama’s Mk1 49 Class then here’s your chance to grab that loco you missed.

This model comes in a variety of road numbers and paint schemes  that include everything from the original tuscan, to candy, red terror, Freight Rail blue, green / yellow and SSR yellow.

If you reserve your model now you’ll save $45 on the RRP of $295 when the model hits the shelves in June / July 2019.

This link will take you to more examples of the paint schemes for this loco and an order form.

There was nothing quite like the sound these locos made as they tackled the climb out of Orange up towards Mullion Creek on a cold winter’s night … they could be heard for miles.

Some of the 49 Class liveries to be released by Trainorama

24 Nov 2018

5 Inch Gauge E M Baldwin
If you live up here in the can-growing regions of Queensland these locos are a common sight in cane season as they haul long strings of cane bins out to the cane fields and back to the mill.

Despite being a relatively common loco they have never been produced commercially until now.

Now Maxitrak in the UK has produced a 5 inch gauge that will be released in January / February of 2019.

The model is 971mm long and 474mm wide. It’s powered by 8 60-watt motors drawing current from 2 12-volt batteries working in tandem at 24 volts.

It’s controlled by an electronic controller with a remote hand-held unit and a sound system and smoke machine are optional.

It’s rated to haul 8 adults on level track at a running speed of 6 miles an hour (about 10km/h)

There are more details and photos here on the Maxitrak website.

5 Inch Gauge EM Baldwin loco from Maxitrak

12 Nov 2018

SAR 600 Class Diesel in HO
Auscision Models have announced that they are currently developing a model of the SAR 600 Class diesel and it should be here in Australia in late 2019.

As with just about every Australian diesel or steam loco there are variations … and there were only 7 locos in the class … so Auscision is producing all 7 locomotive numbers spread across 5 different liveries.

All 3 basic liveries of red and silver, mustard pot and ANR green will be included.

The models will be available in either Standard DC or DCC with sound and Ausicion is taking orders now.

Head over to this page on their website for more information.

Auscision's HO model of the South Australian Railways 600 Class

10 Nov 2018

16 versions of a humble little Guards Van
Casula Hobbies have released 16 different versions of the humble little HG Guards Van

This class of 4-wheel Guards Van was introduced around 1900 and some were still in use as departmental vehicles into the late 1970s. There was one departmental version parked behind the old Lithgow Railway Station as late as 1977.

Over the years various members of the class were altered to carry passengers in one or two compartments, some were modified for use in overhead wiring trains, some had foot-boards at one end only while others had boards that ran the length of the van.

Perhaps the most famous of all the HG Guards Vans was the one used on the Yass Tramway and that model is just one of the variants that Casula Hobbies have produced.

We’ve included photos of four of the variants here and you will find all of them on the Casula Hobbies website.

One of the many variants of the NSWGR HG Guard's Van to be released by Casula Hobbies

One of the many variants of the NSWGR HG Guard's Van to be released by Casula Hobbies

One of the many variants of the NSWGR HG Guard's Van to be released by Casula Hobbies

One of the many variants of the NSWGR HG Guard's Van to be released by Casula Hobbies

7 Nov 2018

Auscision releases paint samples for the 422
Auscision have released images of 13 different paint schemes that will be worn by the 422 Class that they are releasing in 2019.

We’ve included four of those schemes here and you can see the rest … and order your model … here on the Auscision website.

Auscision is warning that these models are selling fast and there’s only a limited number so …

New and old liveries for Auscision's NSWR's 422 Class diesel locomotive

New and old liveries for Auscision's NSWR's 422 Class diesel locomotive

New and old liveries for Auscision's NSWR's 422 Class diesel locomotive

New and old liveries for Auscision's NSWR's 422 Class diesel locomotive

18 Oct 2018

One of So Many
There was a time when lines of private owner non-air coal hoppers could be seen everywhere you looked on the coalfields around Newcastle but of course the lines have now gone and all that remains are a few in museums.

Fortunately, for modellers, there have been HO versions of these hoppers around for years and now we have a new model … and possibly the best yet … from Phoenix Reproductions.

They’re now available in 10-packs in a range of owner/paint schemes for $440 a pack and you can see the full range at Australian Modeller

You can never have too many private owner coal hoppers from the coal mines around Newcastle

17 Oct 2018

New HO Scale Buildings from Queensland Railway Miniatures
Queensland Railway Miniatures has just released 2 cast resin kits that should really appeal to QR last century.

The first model is a cast resin kit of the wooden staff station that stood for many years at a crossing loop between Kunwarara and Marlborough. It was finally demolished some time in the 1990s

The second model is another cast resit kit of a 1914 standard Lamp Room & Earth Closet.

Both kits come with everything you will need with the exception of paint and glue.

You can buy the kits online at QRM’s shop on Shapeways.

New HO scale buildings from Queensland Railway Miniatures