Australian Prototype Information

In this section of the website you will find information about some of the more recent prototypes that Australians model.

That means that you will find information about diesels, operators, the railway lines that link the Australian states, cities and regional centres together here along with information about some of the less common prototypes that are found here in Australia.

Each page in this section is linked from the link to this page up in the navigation bar.

There are already quite a few websites out there that deliver prototype information so we’re going to look at information that isn’t quite so readily available.

For example, there’s a lot to be found about the mainline prototypes around Australia but there’s not technical background so we’ll be looking at that here.

The pages that you will find in this section are not static so there will be updates, changes and new pages added so, if you’re more interested in the prototype rather than models, bookmark this page and come back to see what new information has been added to the section.

Follow these links to some of the information that I have collected and / or compiled over the years.

Australian Diesel Locomotive Timeline – 1928 – 2015

A list that includes brief technical details of Australian diesels that entered service between 1928 and 2015.