Historical Information

The history of the railways in Australia has been the subject of research for well over 50 years and yet there is so much that is still to be told.

Unfortunately even the history that has been researched is being lost to us as the books that were written disappear from library shelves and personal collections are trashed when the owner passes away and people who are not interested in railway history don’t understand the value in the pile of books that they are left with.

So here is a compilation of some of the research of others combined with my own research.

Steam Locomotive Builders

A list and some details of the companies that built steam locomotives that came to Australia

QR 6D11½ Crane Class Locomotive
Two little locos that did some heavy lifting

SAR F Class Tank Engine
A fine looking suburban tank.

TGR D Class Tank Engine
They were built to last

AI&S Limited Burrawa and Baradine
Australian built heavy-duty industrial steam

Queensland Abt Tank Engines
Small locos with big pulling power.

Emu Bay and Mt Bischoff No. 3
It looked good but was a total lemon

CSR Childers Mill No. 3
The steam engine that almost got away.

VR C Class Tank Engine
It was tiny compared to the last group of locos to carry this classification

Silver City Comet

The first diesel-hauled air-conditioned train in the world.

Early Queensland Steam Engines

They were small and light-weight but they got the work done.

8D11 Class
A sad failure

C13 (Dubs) Class
A neat 2-8-0

8D15 Class
Two rugged 2-8-2 tank locos

6 D 13 Class
Two locos that introduced Walschaerts valve gear to the Queensland Railways