For over 30 years the most commonly seen goods wagon in NSW was the NSWGR S wagon. 10,000 of them were built between 1945 and 1958 and 100 of them were the last 4 wheel goods wagon in use in NSW. The S code for a 4 wheel open wagon was in use from as … Read more

The Silver City Comet

The Silver City Comet was the first complete air conditioned train to operate in Australia and it was also the first all diesel air conditioned train to operate anywhere in the British Empire … something that the New South Wales Government Railways were immensely proud of. The requirement was for a train that would provide … Read more

Coonabarabran 1966

When I finished the School Certificate at the end of 1966 I had a few months off before I started work with the old Postmaster General’s Department in 1967 so my parents suggested that I head up to Coonabarabran in the north-west of New South Wales to work on my uncle’s farm up there. For … Read more

73 Class at Pippita

It’s been a while since I actually posted a photo of a locomotive or train here so I thought I’d do something about that today and this is the photo that literally fell out of the photo album that I picked up. The loco is 7344 and it’s shunting at Pippita but I’m afraid I … Read more

A Tour Behind a 55 Class

An interesting thread over on Railpage.com.au about a tour back in 1973 behind 3203 and 3830 – a tour that I was on – has moved on to begin talking about a tour down the south coast behind 5593. There’s a good photo of 5593 and it’s unusual southern valve gear included in that thread. That’s not … Read more

The Giant Locomotive Sale

At the moment over on Railpage one of the discussion threads is about the demise of the various classes of Alco powered locomotives that once belonged to the New South Wales Railways. Evidently some people were wondering why the railways had decided to get rid of so many locomotives. That was a rather sad time … Read more

One Day in Newcastle

It’s 5am on Easter Monday and I can’t believe I’m up. Yesterday we drove over 1100km to get back from Newcastle and I should be absolutely knackered (we also did over 1100km on Friday to get down to Newcastle) but I’ve had 8 hours sleep and that’s about my limit. We went down to meet … Read more