Let’s take a little look at a modular layout system that’s popular in Europe. If you’re an Australian or US modeller, then it’s quite likely that you haven’t heard of FREMO because it’s a modular system that has grown up in Europe and is yet to catch on in other countries. That doesn’t mean that … Read more

Wagon Transfers

What do you do when your railway workshop is on the broad gauge but the wagons you have been refurbishing on the standard gauge and the nearest standard gauge line is nowhere near your workshop? That was the dilemma facing Southern Shorthaul Railroad earlier this month and they solved the problem with a 100 tonne … Read more


Meet TGauge, the smallest commercially produced model railway equipment in the world. TGauge is just half the size of Z scale. Before anyone wants to beat me around the ears about the difference between gauge and scale and the correct use of those terms let me just say that TGauge is what this system is … Read more

A Wartime Railcar

The need to move troops and goods as well as normal paying passengers during World War II placed an incredible burden on railways in Australia. Some lines that had been relatively sleepy backwaters suddenly became major arteries that were vital to the defence of the nation. Perhaps the line that was least prepared for the … Read more

Moving Cars by Rail

Moving cars by rail here in Australia has undergone a massive change over the years. Back in the days of steam there were no specialised wagons. New cars being shipped by rail from the plant in one state to the distribution centre in other states would be loaded onto basic flat wagons. There was nothing … Read more

Taking Weathering to the Extreme

Down in Tasmania there’s a regular freight train that Tasrail operates from the cement works at Railton to the docks at Devonport. Powdered cement is conveyed in a unit train of covered hoppers from the works to the docks where it is tranferred to a freighter for shipping to mainland Australia. The train is a … Read more

One Modeller’s Hobby Desk

Like many others, I’m always interested to see how and where other railway modellers do their model building. I know that many modellers simply don’t have the space for a dedicated hobby desk or work bench while others have the luxury of quite extensive workshops. The Workshops Rail Museum at Ipswich near Brisbane (here in … Read more