Advertising on Model Trains and Things

It starts at just $50.00 a year!

The Short Facts

On-page advertising
$50.00 a year gets a single listing highlighted and extra words

$75.00 a year gets all your listings highlighted and extra words

$50.00 a month gets you a banner listing at the top of an available page of your choice (3 month minimum order)

Sidebar advertising – site-wide or specific page
$25.00 a month gets you a 250×300 pixel spot (3 month minimum order)

Footer advertising – site-wide
$30.00 a month – only 3 spots available – (3 month minimum order)

The Longer Facts

Your hobby shop and/or your products will be seen by thousands of people every month.

Model Trains and Things is currently attracting thousands of visitors a month and most of these visitors come in search of hobby shops and/or products.

These are people who want to do business with you … who want to buy from your shop … who want to purchase your products.

And these people are potential customers that you don’t have to go looking for because they are already here. All you have to do is attract them to your business.

The best way to do that is by advertising on this website and the good news is that advertising here is very affordable for small businesses and not difficult to organise.

Simple and cost effective

Model Trains and Things is not going to bamboozle you with talk of impressions, bidding or paying per click. Here, when you purchase advertising space or an enhanced listing, you are buying time. Depending on the space you purchase you will be buying time by the month, the quarter or by the year.

An enhanced listing for your hobby shop or product is a simple, sure, and economical, way of catching the attention of those visitors and attracting them to your business website or Facebook page.

A banner at the top of a page will ensure that your marketing message is the first thing that people will see

There will be no rotation, of  any type, of  the ads on Model Trains n Things. If you purchase a banner spot or one of the smaller advertising spots you won’t be sharing that advertising space with anyone else. You will own that space for the period of time that you have purchased and your ad will be visible to everyone who visits the page (or pages) that holds the banner spot you have purchased.

Please note that Model Trains and Things only accepts advertising that is relevant to the model railway and model railroad hobby.

What is available

Enhanced listings
Adding a little background colour can really make your listing stand out from all the others. This form of advertising is the most economical for small business.

For just $50.00 a year you get background colour and up to 50 words for the information part of your listing on any of the hobby shops or hobby links page and your listing can look like this:

Horizontal banners
Horizontal banner spots are available on each page. These are located at the top of each page but below the header and title and at the bottom of each page.

Your ad in a top banner spot would look like this:

Vertical banner spots
Vertical advertising spots, 250 pixels wide and 300 pixels deep are available in the sidebar on the right-hand side of each page. This will replace the book advertising that is currently displayed there.

Footer advertising spots
Footer advertising spots are also available at the bottom of each page on the site.

The cost

Please note that all costs shown here are in Australian dollars and will be converted to your currency at the time of invoicing.

Enhanced listings – ideal for manufacturers and hobby shops. These are $50 a year and that covers you for one entry.

Add $25.00 and all your listings are enhanced

Add $40.00 if you want to replace the text link on your listings with an clickable image.

Top of the page banners are $50.00 a month per page with a minimum order of 3 months.

Each page can have a different banner so you can buy a top banner spot on just one page or on different pages for different products.

The best pages for effective banner spots are the pages that actually list hobby shops or manufacturers.

Sidebar advertising spots are limited to 250 pixels by 300 pixels – see the sidebar for an example.

These advertising spots are $25.00 a month with a minimum order of 3 months.

Two or three spots are available on the hobby shop pages and the manufacturer’s pages for each country and scale. The exact number available depends on the length of the content on that page.

Footer advertising spots are available for $30.00 per month with a minimum spend of 3 months.

These advertising spots are site-wide so your ad will appear on every page and there are only 3 spots available.

The first step

Contact Model Trains and Things via email, contact form or phone to see if the space where you wish to advertise is available.

We will discuss your requirements with you and let you know what we need to set up your advertising.

If you want to use graphics in your advertising but are unable to supply them we will arrange for them to be produced at an additional cost to you.

You will own those graphics and you will be able to use them anywhere on the Web that you want.

Simple payment options

Once the advertising details have been worked out we will send you an invoice for the amount owing for the first advertising period.

You can pay the amount via PayPal or as a direct deposit into our bank account.

Once your payment is received your ad will be prepared and shown to you for approval. As soon as the ad is approved it will be displayed and the time period that you have paid for will begin.

An enhanced listing for your hobby shop or product is a simple, sure, and economical, way of catching the attention of those visitors and attracting them to your business website or Facebook page.

For more information or to book an advertising spot email us or call us on 0438 655 110 (for local calls)  or +61 438 655 110 (from overseas)

Banner sizes

Top of the page
Banners for the top of each page should be a maximum of 650 pixels wide by 420 pixels high.

The maximum file size for these banners is 120kb. The example shown on the N scale page is the maximum size and 86kb.

Sidebar advertising
The maximum size for advertising in the sidebar is 250 pixels wide by 300 pixels high.

The maximum file size for these ads is 80kb.

This will show you the size of a sidebar ad:

Footer advertising
Ads to appear in the footer should be 250 pixels by 250 pixels with a maximum file size of 80kb.

This will show you the size of a footer ad:

Please note that when it comes to banners, and what you put in them, less is often more and plain text is often more effective than bright coloured graphics.