The 15 Minute Challenge – 2

So yesterday was day 2 of the challenge and it also happened to be the Sunday of a long weekend. I should have had a lot of spare time … but I didn’t.

However, I was able to find 15 minutes, so I did get a bit more done. I might have even got more done if I had been better organised.

I used track pins to fasten the last three pieces of track in place. Those are the top two and the bottom piece on the left of the layout.

When I took the previous photo they had only been held in place by rail joiners.

I also took a few moments to mark the spots where feeder wires would be attached to the layout – I like lots of feeders because rail joiners can get dirty and cause connectivity problems.

Because this is a very small layout it will only ever see one loco in use at any one time so the wiring is going to be basically one entire section.

However, the thought of having a second loco sitting in the engine shed is appealing so I’ve used an insulated rail joiner on one of the rails in the siding at the top right of the photo. Power to that rail will pass through a push-button switch.

I was going to drill the holes for the wires but I couldn’t find the right drill bit in the time I had left.

So my next 15-minute session will start with a search for the drill bit and then I can start doing the wiring.

Did I mention that, for me, wiring is the least enjoyable part of layout building?

I’m going to need more than 15 minutes to get that job done but day 3 of this challenge just happens to be a public holiday so maybe I can get through it in one session.