The 15 Minute Challenge – 1

This is a challenge for me and I’m publishing it here in the hope that knowing someone is reading/watching this thread will encourage me to go on with this series.

Background 1
Way back in 2012 I wrote about a simple baseboard solution for anyone who was challenged by space and ability.

I intended to use that baseboard as the foundation for a micro-layout in N Scale.

Unfortunately, good intentions don’t build layouts and once the workbench was assembled I hardly touched it. It languished under the house after one move and then shoved down the back of the garage after another move.

A couple of years ago I dragged it out of the garage and placed it against one wall of the room I use as my office. I even put some track down … and then tore it up … only to lay it again when I decided that what I really wanted was a Hon30 layout.

And then I got busy with other things.

Then one day I found some spare time and I tore that track up because I decided that the track layout was way too involved to provide enjoyment.

And then I got busy with other things.

About 12 months ago I found some more spare time and decided on another track plan and started laying the track again.

Then I got busy with other things and the layout languished again.

Background 2
Earlier this week member of one of the hobby groups I follow on Facebook had a grumble about The Australian Model Railway Magazine.

According to him there was rarely any content in the magazine for N Scalers and he wasn’t going to waste his money on the magazine anymore.

I had to smile at that … if there’s rarely any N Scale content in the magazine then HOn30 content is even rarer so why do I bother buying the magazine?

Because there’s lots of inspiration in the magazine and when I looked in the current issue of the magazine there was the inspiration for this 15-minute challenge.

There was part 3 of a series of articles on building a minimum space layout in HO. I had missed the second article in the series and when I went back to read it I discovered that the author had given himself a 15-minute challenge to help him get the layout built.

The 15 minute challenge
So what is this 15 minute challenge?

It’s based on the idea that all of us are incredibly busy every day of our lives … but all of us could find a minimum of 15 minutes a day to work on our projects if only we make the effort.

Now 15 minutes may not sound like a lot of time but if you stick at it every day for a month you’ve spend almost 8 hours working on your hobby projects.

That resonated with me and the first thing I saw when I looked up from reading that article yesterday was this:

15 minutes later it looked like this:

I had removed all the junk that was on the layout. Some of it had nothing to do with the layout but I had dumped it there when I needed a convenient spot.

I also trimmed the last two pieces of track that needed to be fitted to the board.

Tomorrow I’ll post I’ll post another photo that will show what I’ve achieved in another 15 minutes of work today.