Let’s take a little look at a modular layout system that’s popular in Europe.

If you’re an Australian or US modeller, then it’s quite likely that you haven’t heard of FREMO because it’s a modular system that has grown up in Europe and is yet to catch on in other countries.

That doesn’t mean that FREMO is small … in fact it’s quite the opposite. There are at least 1900 FREMO members and the numbers seem to be growing.

Unlike other modular model railway groups FREMO is not about getting together at exhibitions and displaying large layouts. FREMO layouts are more about operation and the enjoyment of running prototypical trains for the group members rather than entertaining the public.

That doesn’t mean that visitors aren’t welcome, they certainly are but they are not the reason that module owners get together.

Unlike some of the other module based groups FREMO doesn’t just cater for one scale or gauge; their members cover the full range of scales and gauges and that even includes 1 Gauge, TT and N.

Check out the cab-ride video and you will see that the modelling standards are definitely high.

You can find more information about FREMO at their website at