Taking Weathering to the Extreme

Down in Tasmania there’s a regular freight train that Tasrail operates from the cement works at Railton to the docks at Devonport. Powdered cement is conveyed in a unit train of covered hoppers from the works to the docks where it is tranferred to a freighter for shipping to mainland Australia.

The train is a little unusual in that it operates in push/pull mode with a loco at one end and a de-engined (for want of a better term) loco at the other. The loco is always on the Devonport or western end and the slave unit … which is only there to provide a driving cab … is always on the Railton or eastern end.

The train loco is changed on a regular basis while the slave unit has been on the train for many many years … it was there when we left Tasmania 10 years ago … and it’s still there today.

From memory the livery for the slave loco is the same as what you will see on the train loco in this video but you really wouldn’t know. Over the years the slave unit has acquired a thick coating of cement dust … as you will see … and this is weathering taken to the extreme.