73 Class at Pippita

It’s been a while since I actually posted a photo of a locomotive or train here so I thought I’d do something about that today and this is the photo that literally fell out of the photo album that I picked up.

The loco is 7344 and it’s shunting at Pippita but I’m afraid I have no idea of date the photo was taken. I’m not even sure how it came into my collection but I seem to recall that someone I met in Lithgow in the late 1970s gave it to me.

7344 was one of 50 diesel hydraulic shunters built by Walkers in Queensland for the New South Wales Government Railways between October 1970 and March 1973. 7344 entered service in November 1972 and undoubtedly saw service at major yards throughout the state. When this photo was taken 7344 was working on the Abbatoirs line near Homebush.

While some of the locos from this class have been scrapped and others converted for use on various cane lines in Queensland a number of these sturdy little shunters continue in service and this particular loco is now in the hands of 3801 Limited.

Oh and if you’re looking for Pippita on a modern map I don’t think you’re likely to find it because most of that area was redeveloped as part of the Sydney Olympic venue … a far cry from the brickworks, abbatoirs and other industries that used to be serviced by the 73 Class.