One Day in Newcastle

It’s 5am on Easter Monday and I can’t believe I’m up. Yesterday we drove over 1100km to get back from Newcastle and I should be absolutely knackered (we also did over 1100km on Friday to get down to Newcastle) but I’ve had 8 hours sleep and that’s about my limit.

We went down to meet a couple of the grandkids who were born since we were last in NSW so there wasn’t much time to look around and no chance to get any photos – although we did see plenty of coal trains including an up QRN coalie hauled by two 5000 class locos. They were absolutely filthy and the QRN scheme is one that doesn’t seem to look good when it’s covered in grime.

Early on Saturday morning we went for a drive into the centre of Newcastle and it was so depressing – boarded up shops,  grimy streets, flies and cockroaches inside the McDonalds store in Mayfield and the staff didn’t seem to care – sad and depressing and not like the Newcastle we used to know.

A bit like this photo of 4706 taken by Brad Peadon at Carrington (Newcastle) in December 1997. The loco was destined for the Dorrigo rail museum.

It was good to get back over the border!