The Last Time I Was in Newcastle Part 2

Yesterday, when I started this series, I showed you 5262 waiting in the exchange sidings at Hexham. You can find part one of the series here.

5262 was being held in the exchange sidings because 5476 was approaching with a string of non-air hoppers destined for another mine further north.

5476 is travelling on the down line reserved for coal trains while over on the Up main line there’s a 620/720 set ready to depart for Newcastle.

Looking north as the train rattles and clanks by.

Bringing up the rear of the trains is yet another CHG guards van. There were plenty of them around the Hunter Valley coal fields in those days.

You’ll notice that the guard is riding on the back platform and that’s where most guards who had to travel in these vans seemed to spend their time. Evidently the interior of a CHG was not what you would call salubrious.

You’ll also notice on the right of these two pictures that there’s an open wagon in the siding that’s being unloaded straight into the truck. In 1972 the New South Wales Railways would still carry single car loads of just about any commodity that you wanted to ship.